Textiluhr Manager Help

Start process

  1. Start the app Textiluhr Manager on your device
  2. Turn off the Textiluhr on the switch, situated on the top of it
  3. Attach the cable to the Textiluhr (Not to your Android device yet)
  4. Now attach the cable to the Android device (Depending on your device, a head-phone symbol might show up in the Android status bar)
  5. Turn the Textiluhr on

Setting a new const

  1. Place the Testplatte on your Textiluhr and start the test-process.
  2. Take a calculator and calculate air-permeability, written on the Testplate, divided by time (in sec e.g.: 7480 ms = 7.780 sec), displayed in the app
  3. Repeat the process two or three times. The results should not differ more than 5%.
  4. Navigate to Settings-tab in Textiluhr Manager and enter your newly calculated constant in the corresponding edit field and press apply.


  1. Textiluhr is not recongnized by your Android device
    • Repeat the start procedure, described above
    • Check if your device is supported: List of compatible devices
    • If not, attach a headset with „volume up“ and „volume down“ button and check if you can adjust the volume (if you can, your device should be compatible)
  2. What does the „≈“ in front of the result mean?
    • If the result for a certain uni requres more than two digits after the comma (0,00125), it will be rounded to display the first two non-zero digit (≈0,0013).
    • To avoid this behaviour and gain accurracy, choose a different unit
    • We work on a solution to display a custom number of meaningful digits.